CIM Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve Committee (MRMR)

The Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves (MRMR) Committee develops and defines the standards, best practices and guidelines that are intended to foster greater standardization of reporting within the public domain, specifically under NI43-101. These standards provide a benchmark for both companies and Qualified Persons in discharging their responsibilities. MRMR’s mandate is to be aware of advances in international classification, definition and reporting; maintain, update and make changes to Standards as required; undertake a program of industry and CIM member consultation prior to submitting definitions to CIM Council for approval; serve as a conduit between the industry, CIM and the CSA; and represent CIM and Canada on CRIRSCO.


Special Committee on the Valuation of Mineral Properties (CIMVAL)

The mandate of CIMVAL is to recommend Standards and Guidelines for Valuation of Mineral Properties to be used by the mining industry in general and to be adopted by Canadian securities regulators and Canadian stock exchanges. The committee’s guiding philosophy and intent is that mineral property valuations be carried out by appropriately qualified individuals and that all relevant information be fully disclosed.


CSA-CIM Working Committee

The CIM MRMR Committee participates in a working group with the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) to help identify needs and provide the required expertise to build effective guidelines, standards and best practices. This Committee was formed in 2001.

The CSA brings forward areas in which they require CIM's contributions and guidelines development. This joint committee has contributed to the development of a number of documents and amendments.