MRMR publishes revised Mineral Exploration Best Practice Guidelines

The CIM Mineral Resources & Mineral Reserves Committee (MRMR) published the revised Mineral Exploration Best Practice Guidelines, a 17-page document meant to assist professional geoscientists and exploration practitioners in planning, supervising and executing exploration programs, on December 6, 2018. These guidelines are meant to ensure consistently high-quality work is conducted and public confidence is maintained in the mining industry.

Deborah McCombe, MRMR Chair said, “The [updated] CIM Exploration Best Practice document reflects the technical developments that have taken place since [the] publication of the original document. The MRMR Committee recommends the document be used as a reference by all practitioners working in Canadian exploration settings; however, many of the concepts and topics presented can be modified for applications in other jurisdictions.”

MRMR is the combination of two prior committees, the CIM Standing Committee on Mineral Reserve and Mineral Resource Definitions and the CIM Best Practices Committee, and was formed on September 9, 2017.

The initial version of the Exploration Best Practice Guidelines was prepared by the CIM Exploration Best Practices Committee and adopted by CIM Council on August 20, 2000.